Cudham Church of England Primary School


In addition to phonics, Year 1 and 2 pupils have the opportunity to read regularly with an adult, individually and within Guided Reading sessions, where a text is explored and discussed within small groups. This is where the children are introduced to different reading techniques, such as explanation and understanding, whilst continuing to develop the fluency of their reading.

By KS2, reading lessons will also include both verbal and written reading comprehension activities through a range of carousel activities based on a chosen text, following VIPERS (Vocabulary, Inferencing, Prediction, Explain, Retrieve, Sequence/Summarise). The range of activities vary from adult led to independent. Children continue their development of reading skills across all subjects through research.

At Cudham, we use a range of materials to support reading, including Bug Club and other books relevant to the age and stage of learners. EYFS and KS1 pupils will have a home-school levelled reading book to read to parents and carers until they become a free-reader and the children are free to choose books to read from the book-corners or from home. We also aim to encourage a love of books through our daily Whole School Reading sessions, Remarkable Readers Incentive, book week and other literacy events.