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Welcome to Cudham Church of England Primary School

Lisa Askew	Head of School Lisa Askew
Head of School

Cudham Church of England Primary School is a small, village school set in a semi-rural location, surrounded by the beautiful Kent countryside. Our school has a rich and diverse history through which we bring learning to life for our children. It was founded as a National School in 1851 by a local group including Charles Darwin and the Earl of Stanhope. In fact the site of our Forest school was originally used by Charles Darwin for some of his ecological studies.

Our children are happy, confident and have a thirst for learning.  Uniquely, our pupils are taught by subject specialists from Year One onwards for the majority of subjects. Our wonderful specialist staff share their passion for their subjects with our children, inspiring and encouraging each and every child to fulfil their true potential.

Our Vision “Together, we Aim, Believe and Achieve”  is underpinned by our core intent: we do all we can to ensure the success of our pupils academically, spiritually and morally.  We celebrate individuals, embrace differences and welcome staff and children of all cultures and of all religions (or none) as part of our inclusive culture. Children flourish within our nurturing Christian family and each child is valued, supported and challenged in order that they thrive and succeed.

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Church of England Education Trust Aquinas Church of England Education Trust

At Aquinas, we work together so that our learners have an exceptional education; one where individuality is celebrated, talents are nurtured and progress is sustained from early years to Post 16.

Established in 2013, the Trust was founded as a natural development of positive relationships built between neighbouring Church of England schools; initially in the Bromley area. In November 2018, we added two community schools to our family, Rye College and Rye Community Primary School in East Sussex.


Testimonials Testimonials

  • "Staff know every child extremely well and tailor learning to build on what they already know and can do.” 

    – ofsted report 2023
  • "The inclusive nature of this church school means that all are inspired to achieve their full potential."
    - siams report 2021
  • "Pupils are extremely proud of their school. Pupils here develop into confident, resilient and independent learners. They demonstrate great strength of character."- ofsted report 2023

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Together, we aim, believe and achieve.

Our school virtues are love, respect, courage, faith, compassion and trust. Although these virtues are not the only virtues we seek to develop in our pupils, they are the Christian virtues specially chosen by pupils, parents, staff and leaders.

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