Cudham Church of England Primary School


At Cudham, we believe that every child can achieve in maths. The National Curriculum 2014 promotes a ‘mastery’ approach to teaching and learning mathematics, which we in turn follow. The mastery approach aims to develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, so that the children can use and apply a concept to solve a variety of problems, by making connections across different areas of maths. Mastery also means that children are able to reason and justify their strategies, not just follow a step-by-step path to find a solution.

Due to our unique subject specialist teaching, we have developed our own yearly overview, which is supported by the White Rose curriculum. The structure of the curriculum has been designed to enable clear progression through the key stages and individual year groups, as well as creating clear connections and crossovers between the different areas of maths. Our curriculum puts an equal emphasis on developing fluency (quick recall of facts and concepts) and then applying these skills to reasoning problems and problem solving.

Click here to view the Curriculum Overview for Mathematics.