Cudham Church of England Primary School

Our Story So Far

Cudham Church of England primary is a school with a strong foundation and a rich history. The Archbishop of Canterbury, The Earl of Stanhope and Charles Darwin were among its founders along with the local vicar, Rev Josh Thompson (ex-Officio). As a national school, from its foundation, the school has served to educate the children of the local community and parish. These founding fathers did not write a vision for our school, but we like to think that our school vision is one that would resonate with the intentions of our founders.

We want our pupils to become well-rounded individuals with a strong character, who work hard and achieve their potential. We want our children to grow in knowledge and wisdom.

From its foundation in 1851, the school sought to award pupils a ‘certificate of character and merit’ after completion of their primary schooling. We continue to think this is important; that the achievement of academic results should go hand in hand with pupil’s character development. We want our children to thrive and achieve ‘life in all its fullness.’ John 10:10